. CDI Cantilever 4000 dpi
. Flexo screening Technology
. Web Approval
. Cyrel Fast Round
. Pixel +


Cluster Corporate: graphic team entirely dedicated to the customer, specialized to meet any customers need.
WebCenter: an interface for sharing, editing and approving the executives and all graphics projects transiting to and from the company.
Pdf-3D: can bring in a natural way the graphic design to the final view which is really three dimensional.
A practical system that guarantees quality and prevents design errors.
Staggered&Cut: a non conventional printing plates cutting system able to save to the printers important waste of time.
Automation Engine: a fully connected system with the company management that can maintain several active controls during the whole work, stopping, if necessary, the process of work if the information is not corresponding between what has been set and what has been achieved.
Pixel+: an engraving technology that can enhance the overall result of the graphic work, increasing the full tones and maintaining the highlights; unique.